Hello. My Name is Alyssa and I’m a Sugar Addict.


Recently I self-diagnosed myself as a sugar addict. It took a while to come to terms with it. I know what we eat affects our overall health in so many ways so I was already thinking about changing my diet drastically. But it’s hard to figure out what you should do with all the hype out there. I’ve suffered from digestive issues for at least 10 years. Doctors have told me that I have Irritable Bowel Syndrome (IBS), but I know it’s more than that and I also think that IBS is a bullshit disease labeled to sell pharmaceuticals. I once asked an old allergist how I would know if I had a food allergy and he just said that it would be obvious. Over five years ago I found a nurse practitioner that better understood food allergies. She did some blood test called an Igg as well as others. I was diagnosed with having little to no good bacteria in my gut and an allergy to turkey, cod, and sesame. Random! She put me on a 30-day allergy free diet and started me on Ortho Biotic probiotics. But I never knew what to do to figure out my allergies once I stopped the diet or how to slowly come off of it. So, I lost 12 lbs. in a month, which was great, but monthly yeast infections started with a vengeance after I began eating a regular diet again. Those yeast infections lasted for years. In fact, coming off sugar has helped them to go away. Another integrative doctor years ago told me to cut out gluten and dairy, but I only cut out dairy because I wasn’t quite convinced that gluten free wasn’t more than a fad. An allergist tested me a couple years ago and I was diagnosed with an allergy to soy, salmon, shrimp, tuna, and scallops. But no allergy to turkey, sesame, or cod. Soy is difficult to avoid, but the shellfish et al was pretty easy. I’ve learned to listen to my body over the years and figured out some things in the process, so I know that the majority of dairy does not process well in my system. But that’s been the most difficult thing to give up.

I’ve also dealt with horrible mood swings most of my life. I’ve tracked the changes in my hormones for a while now and I know that is the culprit. I have no idea how I’ll ever get pregnant since I’m a terrible bitch when I ovulate in addition to regular PMS. My boyfriend can confirm the level of bitchiness. I tried going gluten free for a week and had the most terrible gas, so I gave that up for a while. After discussing what I ate with a friend, we realized it was the vegan cookie I would buy from the coffee shop. It had some processed sugar substitute that my body rejects…in a bad (and totally embarrassing) way.

When my headaches started getting severe these past few months on top of my ups and downs, I knew I had to do something. Acupuncture and herbal formulas were helping and I became more interested in traditional Chinese medicine the more sessions I went to and the more I studied Yin Yoga. After reading more about Qi and speaking with my acupuncturists, I realized that I also needed to change my “quQi” or “grain chi”, the food energy that I consume. During this inquisitive time, I somehow stumbled upon Sarah Wilson’s I Quit Sugar website and 8-week program. When she mentioned that she became a “much nicer person” I was sold. And while I still believe my hormones are a bit disrupted, Sarah’s program made sense. I lasted four weeks on the program and felt great. Then, one night I waited too late to eat and had the tiniest bit of fast food since that’s all that was open and my cravings started slowly coming back. I made the Chocolate Coconut Nut Balls from the I Quit Sugar program and added some stevia as the recipe suggested because they tasted so bland. Then, I didn’t want to throw them out and be wasteful so I ate them every day for a week. They weren’t that great, but they were sweet and it satisfied me. But my craving persisted and then I couldn’t resist some cherry pie at a family gathering. And before I knew it my hands were in my parents’ cookie jar again…my mom just zipped her lips knowing I totally fell off the no sugar wagon.

I know why I only lasted four weeks. Only part of it was beginning to eat some sugar here and there. The other part was not having meals, snacks, etc. prepared. I did well for four weeks, but then I got busy and many of the recipes were so time intensive or asked for tons of different ingredients. I told my boyfriend that if I ever wanted to share this way of life with my parents or others, it’s going to have to be easier to maintain. So, as I begin this program again, I’m going to work on making and/or modifying recipes that take less time, have fewer ingredients, and taste delicious and I’m going to share them on this blog. Maybe by the end of my 8 weeks, I’ll have something that I can share with my loved ones and help them be healthier too.


2 thoughts on “Hello. My Name is Alyssa and I’m a Sugar Addict.

  1. Hi Allysa – Neil here from the Julian Center Yoga Project and Cityoga. Awesome content – and many thanks for sharing your trials and tribulations – your journey. Love, love your concept of creating easy-to-make non-sugar food stuff for snaking and meals. As I check and re-check food labels I’m regularly amazed at the loads and loads of sugar (18 g here; 40 g there) in so called “healthier” food options. Blessings and best of luck on this part of your quest!

    • Thanks Neil! It IS incredible how much sugar is in everything. And too many people don’t know the negative effects of overconsumption and/or don’t know what “healthy eating” truly means. It doesn’t have to be just salads! Even my mom said the other day that rice was fattening. I was dumbfounded and asked her what made her think that. She said Weight Watchers gives it so many more points. Wowza!

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